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Save the Date: August 23, 2013

Thank you to all who participated in making Jessica & Kenneth's day special!

Thank you for voting!

Jessica & Kenneth's big day is just around the corner!

The winning items:

  • The wedding favors: #3
  • Jessica's Jewelry: #2
  • Kenneth's Tuxedo: #2
  • The specialty drink: #3 (Sunset Kiss)


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  • The winning candy bar is...



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    The winning table linnes is item number...



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    The Winning wedding ring is...

    Ring #1!!


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    The winning flowers are...

    Item #3!


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    The winning hairstyle is...

    Hairstyle #3


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    The winning cake is...

    Cake #1!


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    The winning concept board is...

    Concept Board #2!


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    The winning reception menu is...

    Menu #1!


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    The winning rehearsal dinner dress is...

    Dress #1!

    Please check back tomorrow for when we post voting for the wedding reception menu!


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    The winning invitation is...

    Invitation #2!


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    The winning bridesmaids dress is...

    Dress #5!


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    The winning bridal dress will be announced soon!

    Thank you for all of your votes! We will not reveal which dress you have selected for Jessica until she sees it first! We will be documenting this grand reveal every step of the way and then posting it on here for all of you to share in this momentous occasion! Keep checking back for more information!

    In the mean time, keep coming back every week to vote on the rest of our wonderful couples wedding package!


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    Jessica Manarite & Kenneth Stebbins

    Congratulations to Jessica Manarite & Kenneth Stebbins who are this years winner of The Great Wedding Giveaway!

    Be sure to check back soon to begin voting on Jess and Ken's giveaway package!

    Thank you to all of the Top 10 contestents who participated!

    You can still read their bios and stories here.

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    • Kalia Furnari & David Feeley
    • Danielle Pagr & Jason Trombly
    • Jessica Manarite & Kenneth Stebbins
    • Sarah Mendrala & Rick Curtis
    • Melissa Lalli & Travis Kolasienski
    • Jessica Placido & Ken Shaw
    • Heather Townsley & Ryan Brazeau
    • Nicole Dubay & Brandon Cloutier
    • Aimee Hayward & Martin Caron