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Jessica Manarite & Kenneth Stebbins

Jessica and Kenneth met in 1998, while they were both attending the same high school. They fell in love in high school and their love continues to grow every day. Jessica says "I can’t wait to be able to call him my husband and spend the rest of my life with this wonderful man and the father of the two best children in the world, but a wedding like this is so far from our reality." "We would love to join our family together officially and make it one. We have been together for 14 years!"

About their proposal, Jessica says, "Our proposal was not your fairy tale dream story but it is special to us. We recently booked a family vacation to the Caribbean where we were going to get engaged as our family members and two sons were with us. Unfortunately because of Storm Sandy our trip was drastically shortened and we were detoured to Bermuda which did not have the ring (or anything like it) that we had saved for a long time to purchase. When we got home we began to look around to find something similar. After looking around Ken broke the news to me that we should wait to get the ring that we had picked out and maybe in the future we could get it. I called the store to tell them we were going to wait and the sales person had informed me it had already been paid for and picked up! So like I said, it is not a fairy tale dream story but he did surprise me with a beautiful ring."

Jessica and Kenneth have two sons, ages three and six. Their idea of fun is just being together with a love of visiting local attractions such as visiting the Springfield Science Museums and Six Flags. They also like to do crafts and small projects. Jessica and Kenneth love to spend time with family and friends. As a couple they love to go out to a nice dinner and relax and enjoy time alone together.

Jessica is a Subsidy Tuition Coordinator for KinderCare Learning Center. She works directly with the subsidy agencies that help fund families with financial needs to help offset the tuition costs of childcare. Ken works for Pace Supply in Hartford CT as an inside sales associate and sells building materials for residential and commercial properties.

About the Western New England Great Wedding Giveaway Jessica said, "I can say that we may not deserve this more than another couple but that we would appreciate it more than any other. Being newly engaged is such a special time but I have not made the huge announcement to a ton of people because I have already been asked, "So when is the big day?" and I automatically shy away and just say we haven’t set a date yet, knowing that it will not be for a very long time because we do not have the income as many right now to even have a small wedding." Both Jessica and Kenneth agree that this would really be a dream come true to be able to work with such leading people in the wedding industry, especially with a wedding in a non-traditional way. Jessica says "We are a family that loves each other so much and this would really be an experience that we could never recreate. Our family would be complete if we had the opportunity to make it official. We also love the idea to have our friends, family…and strangers plan our special day! This is such an amazing giveaway and you are going to change a couple or family like us lives forever!"

Kenneth and Jessica are a working family and every day is a challenge to make sure they can provide a healthy happy home for their children which is their #1 priority. Currently a wedding is at the bottom of their to do list, not because they don’t want to but there are so many other obligations they have to do before even thinking of that. With such large projects ahead of them, a wedding keeps getting lower and lower on the priority list. Jessica says, "We would never be able to throw such an amazing wedding with so many details and such a great story behind it."